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Covering the entire Siouxland Area

Healthy Efficient Homes

New home sales & professional building inspection / consultation services.

Click here to read an article from the US Department of Energy about one of our Healthy Efficient Homes.

Healthy Efficient Homes Energy Star

Here are three principal reasons why people choose to buy a home rather than rent.
Firstly, many feel that there is greater personal freedom associated with buying a home. For example, the owner is free to redecorate as he or she wishes, without any fear of angering a landlord (and hence possibly losing the deposit paid on entering the property). Likewise, there will be no restrictions (within reason) on the behaviour of children or on the keeping of pets.
A second advantage of buying is certainly the possibility of financial benefit. In many countries, governments try to give incentives for home-ownership through tax cuts (Mortgage Interest Relief at Source is an example of this, from the UK), and home ownership may bring with it enhanced credit ratings. However, the main financial benefit undoubtedly accrues at the time when a mortgage is paid off; the home in this case can be seen as an investment, one which will be of particular value on retirement.
A final advantage of buying rather than renting is perhaps the most nebulous, but arguably for many of the greatest importance; the psychological factor. Ownership of a house can give a sense of security, a feeling that, in volatile times, there is something ‘concrete’ (in both senses of the word) upon which to fall back in time of need. And, as a lesser manifestation of a psychological state, many would accept that feeling part of a geographical area is enhanced by the process of buying into it; as MacFee (1999:86) puts it, "the investment of one’s time and energies into creating social links runs parallel to ‘investment’ in the more normally accepted financial sense."

Look at some blueprints
of our current homes in progress in Storm Lake, Iowa

1426 N. Seneca

1432 N. Seneca

1438 N. Seneca

Lot #1 Woodland Creek

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Healthy Efficient Homes
Jim Johnson
New Home Sales - Building Consultation

    Home features on all new construction:
Buyers Options Available
Pre-construction Discounts
Property tax reduction for 5 years
All Appliances including washer and dryer
9 foot walls or vaulted ceilings available
Triple Pane Windows for energy savings
All homes Energy Star certified and have
    available an energy guarantee

Setting Standards for Quality

We follow Energy Star guidelines and the Resnet testing procedures on all of our energy efficient homes.
We adhere to the "Standard for Testing Airtightness of Building Enclosures, Airtightness of Heating and Cooling Air Distribution Systems, and Airflow of Mechanical Ventilation Systems"
The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home's energy performance.
A HERS score is like miles to the gallon for a car. It tells the buyer how efficient their new home will be. The lower the score the less energy used and the lower utility bills to be paid.