Watch a slideshow of how we construct our Healthy Efficient Homes.

It starts with a proper foundation. Pea rock helps indoor air quality. (ie Radon Mitigation)
All of our foundations use insulated concrete with an R value of 23.
All of the wood we use is premium quality which keeps walls straight.
The exterior is wrapped in foam insulation. It keeps your
warm or cool air inside and oudoor air outside.
Insulated headers maximize insulation.
We use only high performance windows.
We use spray foam in hard to reach places to maintain our high performing insulation throughout.
All of our walls are grade 1/R-21 for high performance.
Roof membrane is a newer high performance covering to protect your home for years to come.
All homes are sealed by house wrap & windows are tape sealed.
All homes are pressure tested to insure highest efficiency has been achieved.
Each new home is tested to assure the new owner of a great quality home.
The HVAC ducts are tested for heating/cooling accuracy for comfort to all areas.
Only the highest efficiency furnaces are used to keep utility costs low.
The result is a home that you can not only enjoy with your family for years to come, but save money doing it. *